C2 Corvette parts

Where to Get Those High Quality Hard to Find C2 Corvette Parts

Have you been searching all over for certain C2 Corvette parts that you can’t quite seem to find? Does it feel like everything that’s available for your C2 Corvette isn’t good enough for your Corvette or frankly anyone else’s? We understand how you feel. After all, a major reason we started this company was that we wanted to provide Corvette owners with the sort of parts that not only fit with their Corvettes but actually made them better. Here, we offer many different parts for your C2 Corvette that can restore its glory and then some. 

Replacing Old Parts With Something New 

As classic Corvette owners, many of us are (quite rightly) averse to the concept of something “new.” After all, we didn’t buy a “new” car – we bought a classic Corvette. Whether we got it a month ago or a half century ago or anywhere in between, there’s something about classic Corvettes that no other kind of vehicle can match. That’s why we offer reproduction parts that are exact reproductions of the original parts. Through this, you can get parts that fit and feel exactly like the original parts did. However, unlike the original parts, these aren’t more than fifty years old. Plus, they’re made from modern methods and materials. So, they’ll last you just as long (if not longer). 


C2 Corvette parts

Corvette Convertible Lower Windshield Reveal Moulding 


Even the most eagle-eyed Corvette enthusiast may notice a C2 Corvette’s lower windshield reveal moulding as it flies by them on the road. However, you can rest assured the owner/driver of that Corvette does. That’s who we make these parts for. The reproduction lower windshield moulding we offer is an exact reproduction of GM part 3841254. You can get used parts, but, again, they’re “used.” In many cases, they’ve been used for decades. This part is new and will fit just right. It won’t fit “kinda right” or “mostly right.” No, it will fit perfectly. While we made these for 1964-1967 Corvettes, this will also fit on 1963 Corvettes, so long as they change the attaching clips to the style of 1964-1967 Corvettes.

Specific C2 Corvette Parts 

We know that not all “parts for a C2 Corvette” are the same. After all, it’s not like Corvettes stayed the same during the C2 era of 1963-1967. We understand that, which is why we offer specific Corvette parts for specific years. An example of this is our 1965-1966 Corvette Power Antenna Switch. You’ll get the harness and the plug, as this is an exact reproduction of the original. However, it’s just for the years of 65-66. This kind of specificity makes it possible for us to better serve fellow Corvette owners. 

Parts for C2 Corvettes and Beyond 

The C2 era was one of the best for Corvettes and really, cars in general. While we have so many different kinds of parts for your C2, we also have plenty for other eras of classic Corvettes as well. An example: the “total odometer” at our site is good for Corvettes from 1953 through 1967. To see all that we have, head to our site or call (800) 638-6450. 


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