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Corvette Hubcaps Without “Spin” But Possibly With Spinners 

Have you been searching for Corvette hubcaps and found that much of what you hear sounds like “spin?” Often, this takes the form of avoiding the problems with the hubcaps in question. For example, a sales listing might say something like: “These hubcaps have little wear. Should fit perfectly! As good as new, minor dings, maybe a couple tiny dents.” That may sound good, but it’s filled with several red flags. For one, you have to trust the seller’s definition and interpretation of “little,” “wear,” “as good as new,” “minor,” “maybe,” “tiny,” and “dents.” At our site, you can find the kinds of hubcaps that can keep your Corvette looking and running great.


Corvette Hubcaps that are More than “Like the Originals” 


“Like the originals” is one thing. “Just like the originals” is something else. With our hubcaps, we never ask you to “take our word for it” or anything like that. Instead, just take a look at them. See for yourself. To use an example, we have 1956-1958 hubcaps with spinners available right now at our site. As you can see, they don’t look “kind of like” the original hubcaps. Should you look carefully at the flipper part of the spinner, you’ll see that raised edge. That’s not similar to the originals – that’s exactly what the originals looked like. 

Corvette Hubcaps

Hubcaps Without Spinners, Too 

You talked and we listened. You don’t have to buy hubcaps with the spinners. We make new, reproduction hubcaps for various models of Corvettes that don’t have spinners. We’ve found that this can save Corvette owners not just time but money as well. After all, no one wants to have to buy parts with “dents and dings.” Really, after a half century of existence, you’re extremely lucky if “dents and dings” are as bad as the damage gets. Our parts can perfectly complement your vehicle without any of those issues. 

More than Just Hubcaps and Spinners Available 

For so many of our customers, a Corvette is not just a vehicle, it’s a hobby. A passion. Something to be worked on. That’s why we offer parts like our 1956-1962 Corvette Hubcap Spinner Hardware. Coming with four stainless retaining rings and sixteen correct screws, you’ll be able to mount wheel spinners to hubcaps/wheel covers in no time. 


Corvette Parts for the Toughest Judges: Corvette Owners 

The truth is that many of our parts, like the spinners, are “what the judges want to see.” That means you can put your Corvette in a competition or somewhere else where it will be judged and the judges will look upon your vehicle favorably. While we could never guarantee success, we can tell you this kind of effort never goes unrewarded. That said, we don’t just make parts for Corvette “judges,” we make them for Corvette owners. From our experience, Corvette owners are tougher than any judges, because they have to drive and live with the Corvettes. That’s why we make Corvette parts that Corvette owners can be proud of. For more: (800) 638-6450. 


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