We started Corvette Specialties Manufacturing for a reason. After over 10 years operating Corvette Specialties of Maryland, Inc. we had a good feel for the demand for quality reproduction parts. We also knew what was hard to find and in great demand. Many parts that General Motors continued to service were being discontinued at a rapid rate and the industry was hot and heavy. There were many C1 and C2 cars that had not been restored and needed help. The supply of NOS parts and quality used parts was dwindling, and what was available was very costly if it could be found. Remember there was no internet or eBay in those years.

In 1988 Corvette Specialties Manufacturing was formed by Brian Tilles (owner of Corvette Specialties of Maryland, Inc.) with Corvette enthusiasts John Loudon and Ron Lambert. Primarily a wholesale distributor, this company was formed to supply the industry with quality-remanufactured parts at reasonable pricing. Although some of our parts are made in the USA, the majority are produced in Taiwan ROC. Unfortunately regulations have made it very difficult to find sources within the USA that are capable of producing consistent, quality, chrome-plated parts at affordable prices, so our search for quality manufacturing facilities led us to offshore companies. We were delighted to find top quality manufacturers capable of producing these high quality parts that we demand (contrary to the assumption of many consumers). In fact, our GM Restoration Parts™ have been reviewed and approved by General Motors Service Parts Operations (See GM Quality Disclosure below).

Throughout the years of manufacturing parts we began to get a very good understanding of what wasn’t out there. This led us to manufacture some of the most hard to find Corvette parts. We even produced many low production, one year only, and obscure items such as:

1958-1962 Top Fender Mouldings
1956-1958, 1959-1962, & 1965 Hubcaps
All 1956-1966 Hubcap Spinners
1962-1965 GF90 Fuel Filters
1965 GF416 Fuel Filters
1965-1967 Side Exhaust Covers
1965-1967 Side Exhaust Cover Upper Mouldings
1958-1962 Front License Bumperettes with the correct 1-pc design
1958, 1959, and 1960-62 Dash Inserts (complete assemblies)
1958-1962 Parking Brake Switch
1958-1960 Chrome Headlight Bezels
1962 Side Cove Mouldings
1953-1955 Front License Bumperettes
1956-1957 Front License Bumperettes
1965-1966 Power Antenna Switches
1953-1957 and 1958-1962 Corvette Heater Switches
1953-1962 Tachometers
1963-1964 & 1965-1966 Steel Wheels
And many additional parts that others would not pursue.

We understand the difficulty of tracking down good parts and restoring Corvettes to perfection. After all we have been in the business for over 40 years! With our extensive experience we hope you will be satisfied with each and every purchase you make. Let’s keep Corvettes on the road!

GM Quality Disclosure:
Corvette Specialties Manufacturing is a participant in the GM Restoration Parts license program. Products using this GM Restoration emblem are licensed products accepted in the GM licensing program. The GM Restoration Parts emblem/logo is a registered trademark of General Motors and used under license to Corvette Specialties Manufacturing. Only products bearing the GM restoration emblem have been accepted into the program.

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