Corvette Restoration Parts that are Sure to Please

Corvette Restoration parts

If you look through our site, you’ll find that multiple times we use the phrase “sure to please.” This can be interpreted in many ways. The Corvette restoration parts (and others) that we offer are “sure to please” any judges who happen to see your Corvette. Beyond that, they’re “sure to please” Corvette owners like yourself, as well as anyone who you happen to take for a ride in your Corvette. With our restoration parts, your Corvette will be restored to be as good as it was in its past (if not a little bit better). 


Corvette Restoration Parts on Sale 

If you go to our site often, you’ll find that we tend to have plenty of items on sale. The truth is that we’re always restoring parts and getting NOS parts in. So, to make room, we put other parts on sale. An example of this as of this writing: a 1958-1968 Corvette Distributor Cap. We reproduced it to be exactly like the originals in each and every detail. How exacting was our duplication? You’ll note that the cap had “Delco Remy Patent Pending” with no “R” on the cap. That’s just one example of how total our commitment to exact reproductions is. 


Reproduction Parts That Honor the Past While Improving Upon It  

Do you remember 1965 Corvette hubcaps, the ones that had the plastic-crossed flag emblem right there in the middle? Well, if you do, then you may also remember what a challenge it could be to mount them on the rim perfectly, without causing some kind of tiny dents. That’s just one of the reasons (in addition to the fact they were made 55 years ago) to find an original hubcap that might be in the shape you would like. So, to make a hubcap that fits your 1965 Corvette perfectly, we offer a set of new, reproduction 1965 Corvette wheel cover assemblies. You won’t get any point deductions from NCRS judging (or anyone else who happens to notice your Corvette). 


1964 – 1967 Corvette Convertible Lower Windshield Reveal Moulding 

There’s a place for used parts in classic Corvettes. However, we feel that, when it comes to used parts, you don’t want to have to spend the big bucks on them. For many, our reproduction parts aren’t just perfect replicas, they’re a cost-effective option. To that end, we currently offer a 1964 – 1967 Corvette Convertible Lower Windshield Reveal Moulding. It will fit just right, and work as well as the originals did. With all of that, why pay more for something that’s of so much lesser quality? 

Corvette restoration parts
Parts for Your Corvette of Any Age 

The truth is that, with the right amount of care and the right parts, just about any Corvette can be restored. During this time, we’ve found that more and more folks are spending more time restoring their Corvettes, as it’s a great hobby during a pandemic or any other time. To make your Corvette look and ride how you want, call us at (760) 568-6450.

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