A Corvette Fuel Filter for the Corvette Owner Who’s Filtered Out the Rest

Corvette fuel filter

Have you been looking for a higher quality Corvette fuel filter for your C2 Corvette? Does it seem like all of the used and old fuel filters that you’re seeing look, well, old and used? For a fuel filter to have been used in a C2 Corvette, that would make it at least 53 years old, if not longer. Classic Corvettes are genuinely timeless, but their parts are not. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer our customers the very best in reproduction Corvette parts. 


The 1965 Corvette Chevrolet 396 GF-416 Fuel Filter 


Many of our best reproduction Corvette parts don’t just work on Corvettes. For example, this GF-416 fuel filter is perfect for any 1965 Corvette for an engine with horsepower between 396 and 425. Additionally, it fits 1965 Chevrolet passenger cars with 396 High HP engines. What sets this reproduction filter apart from the rest is just how correct it is. Correct dimensionally and even cosmetically, it looks, feels, and acts exactly like the original fuel filters did. In fact, negatives of the original filter printing were used in the production process. This is as close as it gets to having a part from 1965 just show up on your doorstep.
Corvette fuel filter

A “Notch” Above 

If you’ve looked at GF-90 fuel filters after the last so many years, you’ve probably seen someones that have end fittings with notches. You may not have thought much of it. However, fuel filters installed on the production line didn’t have those notches. They came later. This has been a problem for so many who took their Corvettes to be judged at Bloomington or NCRS. They had to fill those notches in. We feel that’s silly. To that end, we created these filters with no notches. They operate just as the originals did. So, no matter how strict the judging is where you’re taking your Corvette, these notches will help your Corvette to be seen in the best light. 


Silver and Black 

No, that isn’t just the color of the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. Those are the colors of the GF-90 fuel filters we offer. Depending on when in the early 60s your filters were produced, they might have been black or silver. In the interest of having the best possible parts for as many Corvette owners as possible, we carry fuel filters in both colors. That way, you can restore your Corvette in the right way. 


Beyond Fuel Filters 

A Corvette is so many things: a symbol of American muscle, an amazing hobby, a ride unlike any other, and more. One thing a Corvette definitely is: the sum of its parts. A new, reproduction fuel filter may not be the “sexiest” or more visible part on a restored Corvette. But, it may also be the part that gets your Corvette that high ranking, that gets it to the next level of judging. Even if you never take your Corvette to be judged, a fuel filter (and our other parts) can help it to rule the road that much better. For more: (760) 568-6450. 


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