C2 Corvette Parts Where You Can See a Real Difference

C2 Corvette parts

You know when you see a Corvette at its best. For the Corvette owner who knows what to look for, there’s no mistaking a Corvette that’s been restored vs. one that’s been let go. The lay person may not be able to notice. They could be overwhelmed by the sleek muscle of the classic Corvette body, the legendary logo, and so forth. However, for the Corvette owner who expects more, there is no “good enough.” That’s the level all of our C1, C3, and C2 Corvette parts have to reach before we offer them for sale. 


A Corvette Odometer for More than Just C2 Corvettes 


The C2 Corvette stands on its own. There’s never been a vehicle exactly like it. However, in some cases, it does share certain parts with other Corvette models. We offer parts for them, too. An example: as of this writing, we have a Corvette Total Odometer that fits Corvettes made between 1967 and 1953. That means this part works with all C1 and C2 Corvettes. As with all of our reproduction and restoration parts, it’s the details that matter. With these parts, for one, we have the correct font that the originals did. They’ll look and function exactly as the originals did and they’ll do it for a long time to come. 


The Corvette Parts Corvette Owners Notice 

To the regular person, who just thinks Corvettes “are cool,” one set of hubcap spinners may not seem all that different from the rest. If they’re shiny and have something that looks like the Corvette logo, they could be enough to fool regular folks. However, the true Corvette owner is going to want something like our exact reproduction parts. For example, our 1963 Corvette hubcap spinners have chrome plating that exactly matches the original. As you may know if you’ve ever tried to go through the replating process, it’s not exactly cost-prohibitive. More than just a perfect reproduction, these spinners provide top of the line value. 


A Corvette Tachometer for the Road Ahead 

For a tachometer to do its job, it has to be calibrated accurately. No matter how old (or new) it is, no matter how it’s been maintained, without precise calibration, the tachometer can’t do its job. We offer many different kinds of tachometer options to fit your Corvette. Some will be a perfect candidate for the electronic versions, while others will be best served by a tachometer that’s mechanical cable driven. 

C2 Corvette parts

More than C2 Corvette Parts 

The C2 era, from 1963 to 1967, was as important as any other in establishing exactly what a Corvette could be. However, there were Corvettes that came before, as well as Corvettes that built upon that. While we have plenty of parts for your C2 Corvette, you can also find plenty of parts here that will make your C3 or even C1 Corvette to operate how you want. To see our complete catalog or talk to a professional, head to our site or call (760) 568-6450.

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