What to Keep in Mind about Quality Corvette C2 Parts

Quality Corvette C2 Parts

No one really knew what a “Corvette” was before the C1 Corvette. Sure, the Corvette that became ingrained in our cultural consciousness, the one seen in so many movies and TV shows, that became a symbol for the good life lived at top speed was usually one of the later models. But, the C2, C3 and other Corvettes built upon what the C1 Corvette established. We have top quality Corvette C2 parts from all over so that you can find the exact right parts for your Corvette.

Corvette C2 Parts for Owners Who Expect Nothing Less

Sure, parts for a C2 Corvette can be rare, due to how long C2 Corvettes have been with us. But, if you’re diligent, you can find parts that can work for your C2 Corvette. Our business is devoted to C2 Corvette owners for whom “good enough” is below the minimum standard. An example of this is our 1963 1964 Corvette Grille U-Nuts “Special Correct.” C2 Corvette owners in the know will realize that these were found on the perimeter mounting of the grille. In the time since, you could get parts like these, but nothing exactly like the originals. That time is over.

Quality Corvette C2 Parts

The Attention to Detail Your Corvette Deserves

Our “special correct” nuts are exactly like the ones from the early sixties. Sure, these might be small parts that the layperson, the casual Corvette fan, might not pick up on. However, they’re visible when installed on the car. They can be seen. They are one more way that someone might judge your Corvette. So, for many of our most exacting Corvette customers, they want something that is as much like the original as possible. These have an “M” logo on each nut, just like the originals did. If you tried to buy some generic, non-descript reproduction in the intervening years, then you probably got one that has a “hex steel nut,” and not the square like the original.

For the Corvette Owner Who Wants More

Is your C2 Corvette going to run if it has the “hex steel nut” on it? Of course it is. It might even run very well, go as fast as you want, and so forth. But, you’ll know it doesn’t look right. It will be in the back of your mind. If you’re the kind of Corvette owner for whom that’s not going to cut it, then you’re our kind of Corvette owner. For people like you, we make Corvette reproduction parts that use the original blueprints. That’s how we make sure that they fit Corvettes exactly. On top of that, we use the best, most cutting-edge technology as well. That way, you get a part that will help your Corvette on the road, in competition, and anywhere else for a long period of time. When you’re ready to do what you can for your Corvette, we’re ready to help you out. Call Corvette Specialties Manufacturing at (760) 568-6450.  

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