C2 Corvette parts and accessories

C2 Corvette Parts and Accessories: When Only the Best Will Do

Reproductions, restorations and more – we have C2 Corvette parts and accessories that are actually necessities. The word “accessory” implies “something that you don’t really need, but something you’d like to get probably.” At our company, we make and sell Corvette parts for those who truly take their Corvette seriously. Sure, maybe these parts won’t make your Corvette run any better than it might previously. In fact, they might not even be noticeable by someone who isn’t all that familiar with classic Corvettes. However, you’ll notice them. You’ll know what an improvement they are. So too will everyone who really knows their Corvettes. Those are the people we offer these parts to because that’s who we are, too.

Special Correct Grille U-Nuts C2 Corvette Parts and Accessories

These Corvette accessories are the nuts that were used in ten different places in 1963 and 1964 Corvettes. If you’ve been trying to find something similar to the original, then you know how frustrating that could be. Sure, there were plenty of Corvette parts out there that were similar, but nothing that really fit the bill. Some things might have looked similar, and some might have even been kinda like the originals, but nothing was exactly like the originals. Nothing, that is, until now. Our exact reproductions are meant to be exactly that: exact.

C2 Corvette parts and accessories

Correct Reproduction Parts

When you take your Corvette to be judged, you have to keep in mind the amount of detail that judges look for. Simply having an incredible Corvette that’s in great shape probably won’t be enough. These competitions are so tight, between so many fantastic Corvettes, that it often comes down to the details. These U-nuts are the kind of detail that judges always seem to look for in the biggest of competitions. They have an “M” logo on each nut, just as the originals did. In fact, these are new reproductions of the original part. They are the first true correct reproduction of the originals, and not just some random, generic version.

Side Exhaust Cover Upper Mouldings

Some of our Corvette parts are small, the tiny details. Some, however, are large, and immediately noticeable. Our side exhaust cover upper mouldings are definitely the latter. Due to our special contract with the manufacturer, we’ve constructed brand new tooling which makes these parts look exactly as the originals did. More than just tooling went into these parts, however. Before we began making them, we did our research. Through copious research, we figured out each of the smallest details, and how to reproduce them correctly and faithfully. Compare ours to factory installed parts. You’ll see the amount of work that went into these parts, and you’ll be aware of it when you ride in a Corvette that has them. 

All the Corvette Parts

Screw placement, correct hole size, proper length – those are just a few of the words that you’ll find describe our Corvette side exhaust cover upper mouldings as well as plenty of our other Corvette parts. Details matter. For more, call (760) 568-6450.

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