Quality C2 Corvette Parts

How to Get Quality C2 Corvette Parts Without Getting a Second Mortgage

When you really care about your Corvette, you want it to be in as good of shape as possible. That means getting the best parts, whether they’re reproduction, restoration, NOS or anything else. It means that you’re willing to spend the time and make sure that everything is right on your Corvette. Unfortunately, what it also means is money. Sure, you’re willing to spend to restore your Corvette to its incredible glory, but you don’t want to have to spend too much. After all, no Corvette looks great if you’re forced to live out of it. That’s why we offer top quality C2 Corvette parts for reasonable prices.

Quality C2 Corvette Parts Reproduction 

When we sell “reproduction” parts, these are parts that have been built using the blueprints of the original parts. We believe that “reproduction” parts should look just as “production” parts did – exactly the same. For example, our 1965 Corvette Chevrolet 396 GF-416 Fuel Filter has been reproduced in as clear of detail as we could make it. That doesn’t just mean that it does everything that you would expect of the fuel filter – that’s just the very beginning. This filter was only used on 1965 Corvette and Chevrolet with the brand new Mark IV special hi performance solid lifter 396 cubic inch engine. That did not deter us! 

Quality C2 Corvette Parts

Detail Beyond Compare

To make sure that our parts are exact reproductions, we focus on the small details. That means that with these parts, you’ll see that the filter is done with the correct font, just as you would’ve seen had you had picked it up in a shop in 1965. We did that not by just staring at a picture online or something like that – we actually duplicated it with a negative of the original filter printing. You may think: “that sounds like too much work,” but it’s not. It’s what the job required to get the reproduction as perfect as possible. On top of that, we also made sure that it comes in an exact replica of the original box, too. As you can see from the price, all of this reproduction was done for a part that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Handmade Tachometers

To us, a Corvette tachometer is much more than just one more gauge in your dashboard. That’s why we make each tachometer at our facility by hand, using all new parts. Instead of using some used parts and some new ones; we make sure that they’re made entirely out of new parts. That way, when you get a tachometer, it can last in your Corvette. This is true whether you get the electronic versions or the mechanical versions. There are eighteen different mechanical ones and twelve different electronic ones, so you’ll have your choice for the best tachometers.

An Easier Corvette Parts Buying Experience

We ship for free to the lower 48 states, because we believe that when you’re buying Corvette parts, you should pay for Corvette parts, not shipping and handling. We understand that some of our options, (such as the eighteen and twelve different tachometer models) can be a bit intimidating. We’re always glad to help, just call at (760) 568-6450.

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