A Revolution in Corvette Tachometer Restoration

Corvette Tachometer

When you’re in a Corvette, it’s hard not to throw a glance to the tachometer and the speedometer. When the car goes so fast, when everything is a blur, and the road seems to extend out to forever… that’s when all of us drop our eyes just a bit to see the meters. There’s something powerful about the number telling you how fast you’re going, the speed you’ve attained. When you’re in that Corvette, going those speeds, being that free, it’s almost hard to believe that the speedometer is telling the truth, as if it should be showing a sideways “eight” for infinity, or simply the word “tilt.” At CS of MD West, we have many parts for your Corvette tachometer, as well as a proven method of restoring them. 

Corvette Tachometer Parts 

Instead of getting something that has its best days behind it, why not get something that has its best days still ahead of it? For example, our 1965-1967 Corvette Tachometer Assembly HI RPM 6500 Redline. This is a brand new assembly. You’ll note that there’s no equivocation in that description. We didn’t say “mostly new assembly,” or “slightly used assembly,” or something similar to that. No, this is a brand new assembly, entirely new and ready to go. We recently built this ourselves, so that it can work properly in your Corvette for any number of years. 

Corvette Tachometer

Parts You Can’t Get Anywhere Else 

The problem with reproduction parts, as you may have noticed if you’ve tried to purchase them in the past, often the quality is not what you would like. Either the quality of the reproduction is low, the quality of the materials is low, or all of the above. That’s why when we started our company, we wanted it to be the best of all worlds. So, we searched the world over to find the right kind of quality manufacturers, who could make the sort of reproduction parts that would be able to fit into our Corvettes. After years, we finally found them. These parts are the result. 

The Highest Standards for your Parts

Of course, everywhere you go online for reproduction parts is going to tell you: “we have the best reproductions and restorations, we put the most thought into them,” and so forth. However, with our company, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can listen to the hundreds of Corvette owners that we’ve helped over the years. The Corvettes we’ve provided restoration and reproduction parts for have done well in competitions, but perhaps more importantly, they’ve done well on the road. When you’re ready to get the right parts for your Corvette, head to our site or call (760) 568-6450. 

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