Run Free Forever: Benefits of the Right Corvette Fuel Filter

Corvette Fuel Filter

There are plenty of sites online that sell used Corvette parts. If you just want any part that might fit in your Corvette, something that could make it run for a time, or part that’s more or less just thrown together, that’s not what we offer. Here, we offer Corvette parts for Corvette enthusiasts. These are the parts you hunt for when nothing but the best will do. We don’t compromise on our Corvette parts, and we’re proud to offer them to Corvette owners who also refuse to compromise. As of this writing, we have plenty of high quality Corvette fuel filter parts available. 

Restoration Fuel Filter 

These are licensed GM restoration parts. That means that while these are restoration parts, they’ve been specifically given the GM seal of quality. These fuel filters are made brand new, right now, out of modern materials. However, they were made following the old blueprints and directions as well. That means that these parts are as much like the old parts as literally anything can be, while made out of the best modern materials. So, these filters can be even better at keeping dirt, rust particles, and everything else from damaging your engine. Of course, they can do far more than that. 

Corvette Fuel Filter

1962 Corvette GF-90 Filter 

No matter which of our filters you get, whether it’s this filter or another, it’s important to note that we’ve focused on the “reproduction” part. We have spared no expense or detail to make sure that these look exactly as they should. If you went back in time to 1962 right now, those filters would look exactly like these filters do. (These filters would be far more effective, and made out of far better materials,) but they would look exactly the same. Again, we said “exactly the same,” and not “somewhat similar” or “mostly the same.” Of course, that means that we’ve made them to be the right dimensions. But, it also means that we’ve made them to have the exact, correct fonts as the originals, too. In fact, we did that by using a negative of the original filter printing. 

“Down to the Notches” 

When we made these particular filters, we wanted them to look as much like the originals as possible. That means that we had to put the correct end fittings. If you know your 1962-1963 Corvettes filters, then you know that they didn’t have notches. We did the research, we studied photographs and more, and we’ve found that the production line installed filters didn’t have the notches. If you went to buy these reproduction parts (or even other kinds) then they did have these notches. We can’t tell you how many Corvette owners we’ve talked to who thought they had the right filters, only to discover that they did have the filters and thus, weren’t as authentic as they could be. When you won’t compromise for those parts, then send us a message through our site or call (760) 568-6450. 

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