1953-1962 Corvette: The Golden Years Reborn

1953-1962 Corvette

There has never been a vehicle like the 1953-1962 Corvette. This vehicle, perhaps more than any other, originated the idea as to what a “Corvette” could be. Before that, the greater culture wasn’t really aware of a Corvette, much less what it could be. Then, when these vehicles appeared, they literally changed the car world forever. At our site, you can find reproduction parts that will fit your Corvette perfectly. They can make your Corvette look and run exactly how you want it to. 

Corvette Front License Bumper Assembly Including Supports 

With us, the only acceptable kind of reproduction is one that’s of the absolute highest quality. That’s why we’re proud to now offer a 1961 1962 Corvette Front License Bumper Assembly. When you get this bumper assembly, you’ll also get the supports, too. When we say this is a “set,” we mean it. You’ll get a pair of vertical bumperettes with the familiar rounded front edge, just like the originals had. In fact, everything about these parts were made to be “just like the originals.” That means that they have a mounting bracket that was welded in four places. Not two, three, five or more, they’re only welded in four places. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but, if you’re putting your Corvette in front of judges, then you’re going to need this. The judges won’t compromise, nor will they overlook this kind of thing. In fact, this is exactly the kind of feature that they’re looking for. 

1953-1962 Corvette

“A Complete Set” 

That’s a phrase that can be abused when it comes to vehicular parts. You may be told that something is “a complete set,” only to find that it’s lacking quite a few parts, thus stretching the definition of what the word “complete” means. However, when we say that we offer “a complete set” of parts, that’s what we’re offering. To continue with the example of our 1961 1962 front license bumper assembly, you’ll get the chrome license bracket, the lower bar, and even a pair of supports. The last allow you to bolt the assembly to the frame simply. In fact, we include the hardware kit, too. That means you’ll get spacers, bolts, and everything else you’ll need, all with the proper head markings, too. These are the kinds of parts that can truly “top off” your Corvette, making it something that looks like it drove out of 1962 this afternoon. 

1953-1962 Corvette Grille Teeth 

Our URL is “Grille Teeth” for a reason. We always have plenty of great reproduction grille teeth available at our site. For example, you can get assembly 19 teeth stretched for a version custom 55.5 street rod, as well as many other versions of grille teeth as well. Tired of having to do the fabricating on your own (or buying an extra bar and so forth) instead, we can do all of that work for you. For more about all of the parts that we have to offer, call us at (760) 568-6450. 

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