1953-1962 corvette

Bringing Your 1953-1962 Corvette Into the Future

When you’re driving a Corvette, it’s natural to think that it’s invincible, that it will last forever. After all, there’s nothing like a Corvette. The moment where it truly roars to life on the open road – there has yet to be a vehicle that can match it. The truth is, unfortunately, that these Corvettes, while timeless, do need help from time to time. If you have a C1 Corvette, a 1953-1962 Corvette, it’s been around for some time. We have the parts that can help your Corvette to run well for many miles to come. 

Corvette Reproduction Parts 

We know from first hand experience just how difficult it can be to find the exact, specific part you’re looking for. That’s true with many classic cars, and perhaps especially those which were unveiled more than sixty years ago. Those are just a few of the reasons that we offer parts like our Corvette parking brake light switch. This reproduction part fixes many of the problems associated with the parking brake light. 

1953-1962 Corvette

1953-1962 Corvette Parts and More 

Of course, for these reproduction parts to be worth it, they have to be made the right way. At Corvette Manufacturing, there’s only one way to make Corvette parts: no compromises. No “oh, this is close enough to how it looked,” or no “that’s really similar to how the original parts were.” Instead, at our site, we offer Corvette parts that are detailed, essentially flawless reproductions of the original parts. A great example of this are our Corvette speedometer and tachometer mount grommets and screws. This is a tiny part, but it’s an important one. Grommets, over time, dry out and crack. These new special mount parts can keep that from happening. These, by the way, are some of our Corvette parts that work for more than just the C1 Corvettes, a 1953-1962 Corvette, too. You can use these on any Corvette made between 1953-1977. 

The Right Tachometer 

The true Corvette enthusiasts among you will know how many different tachometer versions there were made between 1953-1963. The answer? Eighteen. There were eighteen different versions of tachometers made, and, of course, we stock all of them. Again, no compromises: you shouldn’t have to get a tachometer that’s anything less than perfectly right for your specific Corvette. 

The Past Made Better 

At Corvette Manufacturing, our reproduction parts look and work exactly as the original parts did. However, for some parts, we can make it so that the parts actually work better. Tachometers are a great example of this, as you can get electronic versions of the tachometer. Those can work great both today and tomorrow. Of course, if you don’t want the electronic versions, that’s fine, too: again, we have the eighteen original equipment mechanical versions as well. To see all of the parts at our site for your C1 Corvette and more, call us at (800) 638-6450

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