C2 Corvette Parts from Manufacturer

More than Grille Teeth: Better than C2 Corvette Parts from Manufacturer

We know that our site is called “Grille Teeth,” but we have far more than just those to offer. For example, we have plenty of great C2 Corvette parts from manufacturer available as well. These are parts we make now, today, in the present.  That means that they didn’t sit in a box for decades, or anything like that. So, while everyone else’s parts were getting used, worn down, broken and more over the course of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and more, these parts are literally brand new. We make these parts out of the most cutting-edge, up to date materials, too.

C2 Corvette Parts from Manufacturer

The C2 era, from 63-67, gave rise to some of the vehicles that truly sum up the “muscle” part of Corvette. Muscles, over time, can wear down. Even if you take care of yourself, stay in shape, stay active and the like, your muscles can weaken. In a way, the same thing can happen with these Corvettes. After all, that was over fifty years ago. Many of the original parts weren’t made to last nearly that long, no matter how much use they went through. So, we offer high-quality reproduction parts that look like the old ones but have a new build.

C2 Corvette Parts from Manufacturer

New Parts, Old Design

In many cases, we use the original blueprints to build the parts from. As a member of the GM Restoration Parts program, we have a proven track record in building our customers Corvette parts that will stand the test of time. “Test of time” is not just a cliché here, we actually make these parts to the exact specifications of C2 Corvettes.

Now, your Corvette’s glory can extend into the next decade and beyond.

Unique Corvette Parts

We also offer brand new, 1962-1965 Corvette GF-90 fuel filters. Both black and silver versions. These are genuine brand new, GM restoration parts. Indeed, they haven’t been available since St. Louis installed them, as it says on our site. As with the rest of our restoration parts, these have been made to truly exacting detail. That means that not only are they right cosmetically and dimensionally, but they have all of the little details correct as well. That means that they have the specific correct end fittings without the notches. To make these, we even got the correct font by using a negative of the original filter printing.

All These Parts and More

We know how much your Corvette means to you. That’s because we’re Corvette owners, too. So, we treat each Corvette from our customers like it’s our Corvette. That way, we give each and every single Corvette part the attention and care that it richly deserves. We’re always getting in new parts, so be sure to check our site often to see if we have the part you’ve been looking for, or you can always call (760) 568-6450.

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