Hard to Find Corvette C1 Parts Available Here

Corvette C1 parts available

As the first generation of Corvettes, the C1 generation is some of the most iconic vehicles. They set the standard for what a Corvette could be, for the later iterations to build upon. For many, these are the true Corvettes. We also know that these can be some of the hardest to find parts since many of them were made so long ago. That doesn’t stop us, however. Here at Corvette Specialties Manufacturing, we have some of the hardest to find Corvette C1 parts available for ordering on our site. With so many different parts to choose from, we can help you to restore your Corvette.

Restoration Corvette C1 Parts

As you might imagine, they don’t just let anyone into the GM Restoration Parts Program. We’re quite proud to be members of it, especially as it came about due to our careful manufacturing methods. So, when we put together parts for a classic original Corvette, they won’t just look like the originals (although they absolutely will) they’ll feel like the originals, too.

Corvette C1 parts available

We Listen to our Customers

Businesses in essentially every line of work (not just Corvettes) say that they “listen to their customers” and not put it into practice. Not us. We really do listen to our customers and alter our plans accordingly. A great example of this is our Corvette grille extended 19 teeth pieces. For years, we sold the 9 and 13 tooth versions. These were popular and well-received, but we always got requests for the 19 tooth versions. Finally, we realized that this was the right thing to do, and we now offer these large, stretched versions as well. We’re always looking for more ways to connect to our customers.

Unique Cars, Unique Parts

It’s a shame that some of the most important cars in history don’t always have reproduction parts on the market. That’s where we come in. A good example of this is our 1953 – 1955 Corvette inner tachometer face with dots. We manufactured this face for our complete reproduction tachometers so that we could offer more tachometers for more Corvette owners. As this was a low production car, there’s no other reproduction part on the market. This is it. We made this part because we know that there are great Corvette owners out there with fantastic Corvettes who deserve to have this part for their cars.

One Place for Corvette Parts

Sure, this blog was about the C1 Corvettes, but that’s far from all that we offer. If there’s any part that you’re missing for your Corvette, that can restore it to its glory that you need, let us know by calling (760) 568-6450.

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