Corvette C1 Parts They’ll See Coming a Mile Away

Corvette C1 Parts

C1 Corvettes are unique among vehicles. As the very first Corvettes, they established the idea of what a Corvette could be. There was nothing like them from the moment they appeared on the road. While it has been decades since these vehicles made their arrival onto American roadways, their power hasn’t diminished at all, even though their parts may have. At our site, you’ll find Corvette C1 parts that fit your C1 Corvette, that can make it everything it was and then some.

Hubcaps and Spinners

When you drive a C1 Corvette, you know what it’s like to make an impression. These vehicles get a great reception wherever they go because they’re so unique. While many younger people may know Corvette from the later models, these vehicles are clearly recognized as Corvettes anyway. These are great vehicles to drive when you want positive attention. Part of holding and maintaining that attention is making sure that you have the Corvette parts that keep these vehicles looking great. That’s where our hubcaps and spinners come in.

Corvette C1 Parts

If you’ve ever looked for these kinds of parts online, you know that there are several different kinds of them available. However, practically none of them meet our high standard. These hubcaps spinners look and feel exactly like the originals. To add to that, we even made sure to throw in the screws and the retainer rings. Those are just like the originals, too.  That’s what makes all of these such high-quality restoration parts.

Quality Restoration Corvette C1 Parts

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you look at these restoration parts, you’ll see that they carry the “GM Restoration Parts” logo. That’s the official group that makes sure that the restoration parts meet the high standards of GM. You don’t just get that logo randomly; they have to be able to pass several tests. These parts (as well as several others that we offer) have them. That way, you know that you’re getting the best parts possible.

As with so many of the other kinds of parts that we offer at our site, it’s the little details that separate them from the pack. For example, while you may be able to find all different kinds of hubcaps and spinners for your 1956 to 1962  Corvette online, you’ll be hard pressed to find many with the raised edge on the flipper part of the spinner. These parts absolutely have them. It’s the little details like that which add up to making your Corvette look how it should.

You may be reading this and think: “that seems like such a little detail.” True, it might be to you, but it won’t be to judges. Judges look for little details like that all of the time. In fact, we know for sure that quite a few judges look for that exact detail when they’re grading Corvettes. It’s hard to make your Corvette “too accurate” for judging, and these parts are one more way to make your Corvette that much better.

Interior Corvette C1 Parts: Tachometers

Many of the best C1 restoration parts aren’t on the exterior of the Corvettes but instead are in the interior. Our 1956-1957 Corvette electronic conversion tachometer is a new, reproduction electronic version of the Corvette tachometer assembly. It was made with the exact reproduction parts that we use in our tachometers from 1953 to 1962. It fits just like the original. It looks just like the original. Everything about this seems exactly as it should be. 

This part is great for Corvette owners that may not be able to use their tach drive generator or cable anymore. Instead, as this one is electronic, it can work and run without them. It’s calibrated and ready to go.  In fact, we have several different kinds of tachometers to choose from for all sorts of Corvette owners. As you may know, there were 18 versions of Corvette tachometers made between 1953 and 1962. We stock all 18 versions, as well as 12 electronic versions for those of you who don’t want to have to deal with the mechanical version. It’s one more way that we can help more Corvette owners.

Keeping Corvettes on the Road

At the end of the day, that’s the goal of our business. We want there to be as many Corvettes on the road as possible, all looking and running their best. To achieve that, we offer top quality reproduction parts that empower Corvette owners to make their Corvettes what they want them to be. In addition to C1 parts, we have C2 and C3 parts as well. For more information, just give us a call at (760) 568-6450.

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