C2 Corvette exterior Parts

C2 Corvette exterior Parts for the Road Ahead

Every detail right. That’s the standard we set for ourselves with our restoration parts. You’ll notice it doesn’t say “some details right,” “get many details correct” or even “try to get the details right.” No, we make sure to get each of the details right when it comes to our restoration parts. After all, that’s what Corvette owners should demand. When you put some lower quality, substandard restoration part in your Corvette, you’re lessening your Corvette. You deserve better than that and so does your Corvette. Below, we’ll cover what some of our C2 Corvette exterior parts (and others) get right.

C2 Corvette Exterior Parts: Side Exhaust Covers

Of our parts containing fiberglass, these side exhaust covers really stand out. First off, while we decry universalism when it comes to some parts, we’re always glad to make our parts fit more Corvettes. These restoration pats were made specifically for 1965 – 1967 C2 Corvettes, but they’re fine for 1963 and 1964 Corvettes as well. That way, more Corvette owners can enjoy these side exhaust covers. Moreover, they’ll look correct on these vehicles. They won’t look the slightest bit out of place. In fact, they’ll look like they’ve always belonged there.

C2 Corvette exterior Parts

To make these side exhaust covers right, we went back to the beginning, literally. We could’ve taken the side exhaust covers and just made ours copies, but that wouldn’t be living up to our standards. That would be a reproduction, not a restoration. We wanted to make ours exactly right, so we did the only thing that made sense: we got a set of the original blueprints. These were the blueprints that these side exhaust covers were originally made from back in the day. Armed with that, we could make true restoration parts.

However, that didn’t mean we got the blueprints at 8 AM, and by 5 PM, we were done with the side exhaust covers. This was a lengthy process. It took quite a bit of time to get these covers perfectly right. It wasn’t about making them; it was about making something that we would want to have in our own Corvettes. So, that took more than a few days, weeks, months or even years. After three years, the project finally reached its completion. We had covers that we would’ve wanted to put in our own vehicles, and we have. Our side pipe covers had to be the best. The only available covers on the market were made from the original worn tooling, and they were not up to par. We needed to create brand new tooling. 

Improvements on Parts Made from the Original

All of the toolings on our side exhaust covers are new. We contracted top rated manufacturers ourselves. So, you won’t see any of those “tooling marks” or other gouges that you saw in the restoration side exhaust covers from other places. Ours are free of those, which is just one more way that they’re the most accurate replacement for the original parts, the ones that truly maintain the legacy of the original parts. You look at these, and they look and feel just like the originals did. For many of us who may not have grown up with these vehicles, it’s a revelatory thing to see new side exhaust covers on the Corvette.

The Right Details and Price

As we mentioned above, the details are important. However, we know that not everyone has as much money as they would like to spend on their Corvettes. So, we make sure to give our customers a little bit extra everywhere we can. That’s why if you buy these side exhaust covers; we throw in a set of mounting hardware. It’s not included in your bill, it’s not something that we charge for, we just include it. Even with these free parts, you’ll notice that we got the details exactly right.

For example, with these parts, you’ll see that the u-nuts are correct. They are just like the originals, with the “M” logo on each and every single part. This may not sound like a big deal, but it sure is if you’re entering  your Corvette into judging events. These are the kinds of small details that become a big deal when the judges’ scores are being awarded. With these parts, you give yourself the best chance to succeed.

The fiberglass itself is another example of us getting the details as accurate as we could. If you look, you’ll see that the fiberglass heat shields are securely bonded to the inside of the anodized aluminum covers. GM, as you may remember, used light grey fiberglass for the service or “over the counter” parts and our fiberglass is the same dark grey color that the factory-installed covers had. Instead of giving you inaccurate solid color fiberglass, you’ll get the fibers themselves as they should be.

The above is an examination of just one kind of Corvette restoration part. There are many others at our site. Each has the same attention to detail as this. For more info, call: (760) 568-6450.

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