C1 Corvette Restoration Parts

C1 Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore your Corvette

When “restoration parts” are mentioned, it’s about how the parts themselves are created. Here at Corvette Specialties Manufacturing, we have all different kinds of high-quality restoration parts. They can fit into many different kinds of Corvettes. However, the real key to restoration parts is how they restore the Corvette itself, how they make the Corvette better. Our C2 and C1 Corvette restoration parts return your Corvette to its former glory, or they make it better than it ever was before.

Finding C1 Corvette Restoration Parts

It’s hard to find parts for anything from sixty years ago, and Corvettes are no exception. While these are some of the most incredible vehicles to ever go out on the road, they weren’t necessarily built to last for more than half a century. That’s  one of the reasons that we’ve been providing C1 parts: so that these vehicles get the credit that they’re due. If you’ve had a C1 Corvette and you keep it on the road, you deserve the opportunity to keep it on the road, running and looking great.

On top of that, finding top quality C1 parts just isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be. As the years go on, the pool of used parts from which to choose dries up. The same goes for NOS parts as well. It’s becoming harder and harder to find these parts. Without C1 parts, keeping C1 Corvettes on the road becomes somewhere between “difficult” and “impossible.” That’s where our restoration parts come in.

C1 Corvette Restoration Parts

Quality Restoration Parts

We don’t make restoration parts just to make restoration parts. We know that many of our Corvette owners put their Corvettes in competition and on display. When someone else is going to judge your Corvette, you deserve a real chance for your Corvette to look its very best. That isn’t going to happen with some substandard restoration part or some restoration part that’s “good enough.” For your Corvette to do what it should be doing, it’s necessary to have restoration parts that treat your Corvette right.

When we make restoration parts, we make sure that they’re made to the highest standard of restoration parts. Making them fit into your Corvette is just part of it. That’s why we’re so honored to have our GM restoration parts reviewed and approved by General Motors Service Parts Operations. They’re the authority on this kind of thing; they’re the people who decide what great restoration parts are and what are merely pretending. When you get our restoration parts, you can rest assured that you’re doing right by your Corvette.

Harder to Find Corvette Parts

There are lots of sites to find Corvette parts online. In fact, sometimes it can feel like there’s more websites that sells old Corvette parts than there are old Corvettes on the road. However, not all of these sites are created equal. In fact, some just take advantage of Corvette owners, offering low-quality parts for high prices. That’s the last thing we would ever do. In addition to running a Corvette site, we’re Corvette owners, as well.

So, that means we know what your Corvette means to you. That isn’t just a car in your garage. It’s living, breathing history. That’s something you’ve worked on for a very long time, or if you’re a newer owner, it’s something you’ve worked on getting for a very long time. We make Corvette parts for owners who want to restore and maintain their Corvettes. With our parts, your Corvette can run for a longer period of time than it might otherwise.

Affordable Corvette Parts

We also understand that, as much as you love your Corvette, you don’t want to have to spend your mortgage restoring it. After all, a Corvette is an incredible machine, but it’s difficult to live out of one. That’s why we’ve made sure to keep the prices of our Corvette restoration parts low. The way to do that is through offshore companies that we’ve vetted, that we can trust. We looked through what feels like millions of offshore companies just to find ones that could produce the kind of high-quality parts that we demand. Through an exhaustive search, we’ve found them, and we’re able to offer them to our customers.

We give these parts our highest recommendation: we put them in our own Corvettes. We don’t just sell these parts and then use something else in our own vehicles. No, our Corvettes run on the same restoration parts that you’ll find at our site. If you go there now, you’ll find a list of all of the obscure Corvette parts we offer that you might not be able to find elsewhere. If there’s a Corvette pat that you’re looking for you can’t find there, call us at (760) 568-6450.

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