C2 Corvette Parts and Much More

C2 Corvette Parts

If you’re like a lot of us, you probably drink coffee. Maybe you’re the kind of person who just has a cup of coffee when they get up in the morning, or perhaps you’re someone who takes their coffee very seriously, always on the lookout to find a coffee flavor that’s right for them. Some people treat Corvettes like that. There are those who have a C1 or C2 Corvette, wonderful as they are, and just drive them around, enjoying them fully. Then, there are those who want something extra, who want their Corvette to be the best it can be. Our C1 and C2 Corvette parts can work for any kind of Corvette owner, but we make these parts for the latter.

C2 Corvette Parts for Enthusiasts

There are Corvette parts and accessories that take care of enormous issues, and then there are parts and accessories that only the true enthusiasts would notice. A good example of this is our 1953-1967 Corvette total odometer. These are brand new odometers, as they’ve been manufactured by a GM supplier. However, what makes these odometers so different from others that you might have seen is that they have the correct font. These odometers have the same font that was used at the time, the font that’s historically correct.

C2 Corvette Parts

Now, we’re not going to tell you that this font is the biggest deal in the world. If you have an odometer in your Corvette that lacks a historically accurate font, your Corvette is still going to be able to run; it’s still going to look amazing, it’s still going to be a Corvette. However, for many of us Corvette owners, when you have an odometer with a historically inaccurate font, we’ll notice. Every time we look at the dash, every time we catch it out of the corner of our eye, we’ll see the wrong font. With this odometer, you can know that you have one more part completely historically correct.

Exacting Reproductions

For many restoration parts, there’s this trend towards making them “universal.” The idea is that these parts since they’re being made in the present should be able to fit a wide variety of vehicles from the past. Whatever differences may have existed decades ago can be wiped away, with our modern day, cutting edge advanced technology. There are plenty of reproduction parts like that. However, many of our reproduction parts are the exact opposite. In fact, we made them as specific possible so that they only work in one or two applications.

A good example of this is our 1963-1964 Corvette steel wheels.. These wheels are brand new, literally. They’ve been made to fit 1963 through 1964 Corvettes. There are many wheels like these that you can buy from other places. However, many of those wheels are “universal” wheels. They aren’t specific to Corvettes. They have components from other wheels, components that they share. We made these wheels just to fit on Corvettes. Corvettes don’t have to “share” with other vehicles. They’re Corvettes – some of the most incredible vehicles ever on the road. Making them universal detracts from, just a bit, that unique Corvette-ness.

So, we made these wheels to work on these Corvettes and only these Corvettes. We did everything we could to make them just like the originals, up to and including the “nubs” at the valve stem hole. You may have seen those on the originals, back in the day.  However, we also made these steel wheels to last for a long time, too. See, we used all new tooling to make them. That means, while they’re made to the exacting specifications of the past, they’ll be able to stand the test of time today. And the best part of our wheels is they are new, they are true, they haven’t had years of rust and bumps on the road. 

Shipping and More

When you step into an old Corvette, it should feel like you’re stepping into the past, literally. There’s nothing quite like getting into a Corvette that’s been restored and maintained. There really isn’t. That’s just one more reason why we make these parts, and why we ship free to the lower 48 states, too. Corvettes are a wonderful hobby, an incredible passion. Of course, they can also be an expensive one.  These parts and vehicles may have been expensive back in the day, but they can be wildly cost-prohibitive now.

The last thing we ever want is someone unable to financially keep their Corvette together. We want these vehicles to be on the road for all time. That’s why we make sure to keep the prices reasonable on these parts so that Corvette owners can continue to give these vehicles their due. If you go through our site, you’ll find all kinds of C1 and C2 Corvette parts and more. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, call us at (760) 568-6450.

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