A Corvette Fuel Filter That Can Pass Through Anywhere 

Corvette fuel filter

“Why is it important to have a Corvette fuel filter that looks exactly like the original? Isn’t that a part that’s going to be out of sight most of (if not all of) the time?” If you’re asking a question similar to that, you’re probably not the kind of Corvette owner that we’re appealing to. For the most part, we offer Corvette parts to Corvette owners like ourselves. We would never offer our fuel filters (or really, any other reproduction parts) until they met our exacting specifications. The fuel filters you can find at our site are as similar to the originals in appearance as possible. In many ways, they have an even better performance than the originals, too. 

Correct Reproduction 

That’s what our fuel filters are. Like so many of our other parts, they have been reproduced exactly, right down to the smallest, most seemingly insignificant detail. For a great example of this, take our 1965 Corvette Chevrolet 396 GF-416 Filter. Sure, it’s exactly correct in terms of the cosmetic look and the dimensions. But, we feel that’s the bare minimum of what a reproduction part should be. Beyond that, it also has the correct font on the lettering. That doesn’t mean we just copied the font, of course – it means we duplicated it with the original filter printing. That exact duplication isn’t limited to the filter itself, either: we package each of these in an exact replica of the original AC box. If you get one in the mail, you might ask yourself: “has this been in the mail for more than fifty years?” 

Corvette fuel filter

Filters for Judging: Filters for Life 

If you’ve spent any time on our site, then you’ve noticed that many of our parts say that they’re “great for judges” and “judges look at these.” We know that many of our customers are Corvette owners who want to show that they have the best Corvette anywhere – hence the emphasis on judging. However, it’s important to note that even if you aren’t putting your Corvette up in front of the judges, there’s still plenty to be gained from these parts. They can make your Corvette run brilliantly, too. So, your Corvette will be regal, whether it’s ruling the road or the dais. 


Better than the Corvette Fuel Filter Parts That Had Been Available 

“But wait,” you might be thinking, “I’ve seen filters not dissimilar to this available online.” That may be true to a point. See, you may have found parts that seemed like these but had tiny variations that make all the difference in the world. For example, take our 1962-1963 Corvette GF-90 Filter. The end fittings on ours don’t have the notches. If you’ve been finding silver filters over the years, the service part, they probably did have the notches. In fact, we invite Corvette owners to look at what was previously believed to be the right filter: in all likelihood, it has the notches. This is the kind of detail that Corvette owners like us, Grille Teeth,  are committed to getting right. For more: (800) 638-6450. 


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