C1 Corvette Parts

Continuing a Legacy with the Right C1 Corvette Parts

The first generation sets a foundation upon which others can build. That’s what the C1 Corvettes are. The first Corvettes, they were unlike anything that came before. In many ways, through all of the changes that the Corvette model and name has been through, there hasn’t been anything like them that came after. These Corvettes still stand out on the road and on the dais. Unfortunately, because they were so trailblazing for their time, it can be hard to find parts that are right for them in 2019. One of the major reasons we started our site was to be able to offer people the right  C1 Corvette parts for their Corvettes. 

Look and Feel 

We believe that reproduction parts should look just as the original parts did. However, we also believe that these reproduction parts should operate just as the original parts did if not better. Furthermore, we don’t believe that Corvette owners should have to choose between the two. Some poorly made part that happens to be an exact replica of the original part is not good enough, nor is something that does a wonderful job but was clearly built in 2019. That’s why, when you come to our site, we offer reproduction parts for your C1 Corvette that look just as the originals did but work even better. You should never have to choose; indeed, you should have the best of both worlds. 

C1 Corvette Parts

C1 Corvette Tachometers 

If you go to our site, you’ll find that we have many different Corvette tachometers that can work in your C1 Corvettes. Our goal is to offer as many different options as possible, so that you can find the right tachometers and more for your C1 Corvettes. You shouldn’t have to settle for one that’s just “close enough.” Instead, you should be able to get parts that fit exactly. That’s where these tachometers come in. For example, in several of our tachometers, every individual part in the tachometer is new. However, we made sure that everything in the unit fits correctly with the original pointer, or has to be modified to make it fit the circuitry. These Corvette parts can come out of a box in 2019 and be installed easily into a Corvette that was made in 1961. That’s the power of these parts. 

C1 Corvette Parts and More 

Of course, it’s important that the parts look good and work properly, too. So, with these tachometers for example, you can find the right “face” for your tachometer, the part that, well, faces outward. We don’t just have a couple faces for you to choose from, of course. You can pick one of eight different faces. Yes, we have an exact replica of each of the eight faces that were used on Corvette tachometers from 1959 through 1962. That way, when you look at your Corvette tachometer, you’ll have the original tachometer face staring back at you. For the best in parts, head to our site or call us at (760) 568-6450. 

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