1956 Corvette Hubcaps to Spin the Judges Your Way and More

1956 Corvette hubcaps
  1. That’s 64 years ago. Some things have stood the test of time. The classic Corvettes of that era, for example, are eternal. They will always be a clear symbol of what a car, specifically a muscle car, can be. However, not every part of every Corvette has stood the test of time for 64 years. Sometimes, parts wear down. Maybe they lose their luster. When they do, there are options. Only the best is good enough for your Corvette, we respect that. That’s the standard that we hold our own Corvettes to. To that end, we offer 1956 Corvette hubcaps and more at our site. 


New GM Restoration 1956 Corvette Hubcaps 


We know that when you’re looking at “restoration” or “reproduction” parts, it’s natural to be skeptical. After all, these aren’t the originals. These are parts that were made later. However, there’s an easy way to tell whether or not the reproduction parts you’re looking at are viable: the GM Restoration Parts logo. See, not every restoration or reproduction part gets to carry that logo. In fact, few do. GM is, rightly, very particular about who gets to put that logo on their parts. That’s why we’re always very honored and thankful that we’ve been able to put those on our parts. We’re glad to be able to help Corvette owners from all over to have their Corvettes running as well as they ever did (if not better). 

1956 Corvette hubcaps

The Detail in Restoration Parts 


As you might imagine, it takes quite a bit for GM to give us that logo. To use these 1956 hubcaps as an example, we had to make sure that every little detail was just right. That includes the screws and the retainer rings. When you see these, they are just like the originals. “Just like” is one of those phrases that can be overused or even abused when it comes to reproduction and restoration parts. To be clear, when we say that they are “just like” the originals, they truly are. They aren’t “somewhat like,” “similar to,” or any other mealy-mouthed equivocation. These are exactly the same. 


On Spinners 


Depending on which is right for your Corvette, you can get hubcaps that have spinners as well as those who do not.  If you get the hubcaps with the spinners, you’ll find that they have the attention to detail that you would expect from us. For example, we make certain that the flipper part of the spinner has that raised edge. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to one group of people: judges. This is the kind of thing that they’re always on the lookout for. If your Corvette is going to spend time on the dais in addition to the road and the garage, you owe it to yourself to have the kinds of parts that put you in a position to win. For more, call us at (760) 568-6450.

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