1958 6000 RPM Corvette Electronic Tachometer


Brand new electronic conversion tachometer.


1958 6000 RPM Corvette Electronic Tachometer

You asked, we listened. Great alternative to the stock cable driven tachometer. Looks just like the original.

This is a new, reproduction electronic version Corvette Tachometer Assembly for 1958 Corvettes. The 6000 RPM tach was used on 230, 245 and 250 HP engines.

The unit is assembled with exact reproduction parts that we use in our line of 53-62 tachometers to fit and appear as original. Unlike the original version which was mechanical, this version can be used when there is no tach drive generator and cable. Unit is pre-calibrated and there are also dip switches on the back if used with LS series engines.  There is no rev counter in this unit.

This is not a “cleaned up”  used part.  This is a completely new unit by our Company, Corvette Specialties of MD West.  We are known world wide for excellence in restoration and repair of Corvette instruments, wiper motors, etc.

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in


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