The Right Corvette Hubcap Spinners for Your Corvette

Corvette hubcap spinner

When you first look at a classic Corvette, what do you notice first? You might see the legendary, timeless body. Perhaps you’re struck by whether it’s a convertible or coupe. For many, however, one of the first things they’ll notice about a car (whether they’re conscious of it or not) is the wheels. Sure, they might not say it, but Corvette hubcaps and, by extension, Corvette hubcap spinner are some of the parts of your Corvette that people might notice first. When we say “people,” we don’t just mean “judges in shows,” we mean “folks on the street,” too. At Corvette Specialties Manufacturing, we offer the kinds of hubcaps and parts that make your Corvette stand out even more. 

Corvette Reproduction Parts from Corvette Reproduction Experts 

Whenever possible, we understand that you want the original parts. After all, there has been nor will there ever be a vehicle quite like a Corvette. But, Corvette restoration parts, when done properly, can help get you even more out of your vehicle. For many of these Corvettes and their parts, they’re older than fifty years. That could mean that even the best parts might be worn down or otherwise inoperable. By that same token, the materials and technology that goes into making reproduction parts is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was just a few years ago, much less decades. Of course, we make sure that we make these reproduction parts great enough so that they can fit in your Corvette properly, whether it’s going to the road, garage, dais, or anywhere else. 

Corvette hubcap spinner

Your Corvette Hubcap Spinners, Your Way  

Corvette hubcap spinner are some of the most noticeable parts of your Corvette wheels. With our catalog of restoration spinners, we have something that can fit the make and model of your Corvette. For example, our 1963 spinners have the kind of chrome plating that will make you think they were mailed to your doorstep directly from the summer of 1963. On the other hand, our 1965 spinners have the plastic cross flags logo that was the style for that year of Corvette. These restoration spinners are, for many years, a truly cost-effective alternative to fixing the originals. While we all want to maintain the originals as long as we can, after the originals become pitted, it can be cost-prohibitive (at best) to replate them. 

The Details Matter With Hubcap Spinner Inserts 

If you know your Corvette history, then you know that there were always changes being made, sometimes in the middle of production. We’ve made our restoration parts to match this. For example, you can get our 1965-1966 Corvette hubcap spinner insert set with a black square in the upper corner of the white flag, or you can get one with a white square in the upper corner of the right flag. Your spouse may not notice this change, but the judges certainly could (but always check your judging manual before choosing). To find the parts for your Corvette, check out our site or call (760) 568-6450.

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